Organising my home, organising my mind #1

I still haven’t found a new home for family Kitsch Stitch but it hasn’t stopped me making a start on the new little things that will make a big difference to organising my life.  

I’m trying to concentrate on storage (I need lots for the ever increasing crafting things and childrens toys) and keeping my organised as I’m guessing as a single Mother to 2 children and a newborn I’m going to need lots and lots of memory joggers.
One of the things I’ve had on my mind recently is something I’d seen on Pinterest, not as a blog just as a linked image so I can’t trace back the original creator.
I took an 8 aperture frame from The Range that was just under £10, a selection of patterned papers and cut them to the size of the individual frames.  After that I played about with a few different styles of writing and at the top of each sheet I wrote the days of the week on each piece of paper like this and went over it with a thicker marker pen.

Here they are all done (except Thursday, I noticed my mistake after I’d taken the photograph and the sun had gone).  Then I arranged them in the frame…

Et voila! It’s done, well, it’s almost done.  I haven’t finished the 8th aperture as I can’t decide if I should have an inspirational family quote, a family picture or if I should use the same paper to make a family tree with our names as the leaves.
I love the fact that you can use a white board marker on the glass and have an easy week to view by the front door and make it the last thing you look at as you leave the house.  Peanut is due a couple of weeks before school starts so hopefully, this way, homework and PE kits along with midwife visits and all of that palaver will be easily seen.  Also, Roux is becoming increasingly interested in what is happening on a day to day basis so this will be a way of showing him how our week is panning out and might stop the constant questions!  What do you think? What should the empty frame contain?
I’m linking up to Handmade Monday for the first time in a while so if you’ve come from there please do let me know x 


7 thoughts on “Organising my home, organising my mind #1

  1. What a brilliant idea! I struggle with storage too – I've now discovered old biscuit tins are a great way to store things like yarn and the balls seem to behave better in them too so no mess to untangle like I get in the baskets. Good luck with finding solutions for your crafts. I love the colours you've used and the lettering – it looks really good! Maybe you should make some to sell as I'm sure there are lots of other Mums who'd appreciate it x

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