Lest we Forget

This week in Britain we’re commemorating Remembrance Day which means that the country have all been sporting those little paper poppies since the middle of November. My Father was in the army and for a decade, I was a forces wife so Armistice Day is incredibly important to me and I always make sure it’s marked appropriately. As a youth that was taking part in Scouting parades and as an adult it was watching my husband march and attending services.

This year, the local branch of The Royal British Legion asked my craft group if we’d donate some knitted and crocheted poppies and the ladies got very busy and decided to make 100 to represent the centenary of WW1. Once these were completed the RBL suggested we decorate the Garden of Remembrance ahead of the service for thr official Laying of the First Cross which we did with pride. The poppies looked so beautiful on that sunny October morning and standing back once it was done brought such a. Lump to my throat. It was hard to capture the impact of them and it made us realise that 100 didn’t really go that far which is important information for something else I’ll come too. IMG_4100.JPG




Straight after the crosses had been laid and the prayers said we had to remove our yarnbombing as they were being sold as poppies to wear. I’m excited to find how much our efforts have raised for such a worthy cause.

So, word got around as these things do and we were recently approached by the Friends of our Cemetery and asked if we would repeat our yarnbombing but for a display around the towns war graves. There is to be a Carol Service in late December as the final act of commemoration for the centenary and they want us to decorate the gates and chapel. We’re having a tour on Thursday so we can evaluate it but as we’ve seen from our last efforts, 100 isn’t going to cut it.

With this in mind, I got my thinking cap on for a speedier version of the poppy and felt sprung to mind…


For this you need:

Felt in red and green
A black button
Brooch back or safety pin

Then a glue gun or black thread and a needle.

The felt is 12″ x 8″ and you can get 15 flowers from the red sheet.

To make my template I simply put the paper poppy on some paper and drew around it about 1/4″ larger than the original, repeating it for the leaf. Of course, you can use my template here. I’ve used a 2 penny coin as a size guide so you know if it’s printed correctly.


Cut them out.

Secure the button on the front first by ether gluing or sewing through it a couple of times.

As I wanted the option of wearing these I added a brooch back (15 pence each) or you could add a safety pin. Secure this next by gluing or sewing. The leaf should be pointing at 11 o’clock. If sewing, make sure your needle is passing through the button too.

If you’re using a safety pin and gluing then you might want to use a scrap of felt to put through the safety pin like this and secure with glue under where the arrows are.


And you’re done!


I’ve made these for my children to wear instead of the paper ones (that they continually lose) and I think they might appeal more to men than the crocheted and knitted versions. Of course, if you do make these I’d ask you to still give generously to the Royal British Legions Poppy Appeal.



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