It’s BRAINZZZZ for dinner


Halloween again! Or at least it was a couple of weeks ago and yet again, we had loads of activities planned.  There was a party at a softplay, a horror walk, pumpkin carving, a Halloween breakfast, Halloween movies and of course, trick or treating.

I know that in the US any costume goes but for me, Halloween should be scary.  After all, it’s when ghouls and goblins walk the earth so we’re supposed to dress as scary as possible to blend in! Luckily, my big two share my feelings on the matter so Roux and Hurricane want blood and gore when it comes to their costumes.

Last year, I went on a zombie walk so attempted some zombie face paint (which I was really chuffed with at the time) and Monster came along for the ride.  It was a great baby wearing costume but this year, I didn’t need one.

I asked Roux and Hurricane what they wanted to do this year and they decided we’d be a family of zombies. Obviously my love of all things zombie has come shining through!  I was really pleased as I’d seen an amazing tutorial on YouTube by Bonnie Corban and desperately wanted to try it out.

As Halloween fell on a Saturday a very good friend and drinking partner had agreed that we’d go out around the local pubs and clubs in fancy dress.  It was brilliant!  I was ever so chuffed with how my costume turned out although I kept getting grabbed for photos.  I do wonder how many people woke up on Sunday morning to find a picture of my face on their ‘phone.

Starting with the children, they wanted lots of blood so I got 3 plain white t shirts (2 for £2.50 in Asda) and tore them up then covered them in blood.  The blood was very red so looked a bit too fresh. A quick google told me that if you mix the shop bought blood with gravy it’ll darken it up nicely.  Unfortunately, none of the google searches said that you would reek of roast beef! It was quite something, we absolutely STANK.


I bought myself a dress from a charity shop for the grand total of £1! Then I ripped the top, shredded the hem at the bottom and covered it in gravy smelling fake blood.  The smell really was horrific, it permeated the house so next time, I’ll use black food colouring m’kay.


For the soft play party they both wanted lots of blood.  It stains.  Thankfully they were dressing up again the next day so face paint covered it all.  Unfortunately, Monster wasn’t keen on being a zombie at all, I couldn’t help but laugh when he saw himself in the mirror and cried (bad mother).  He was massively over tired and quite hungry when I attempted to do this so perhaps that wasn’t the best but never mind – at least I hadn’t spent a fortune on his costume.  A quick change of clothes and a swoosh with a baby wipe and he was happy again.

The next day, we were doing the horror experience and some trick or treating so we went same costume but different face paint.

They were really getting into the swing of it and constantly walked like zombies whilst trying to bite their cousins.

Now to me… following the tutorial upthread and wearing the dress I first put on some latex and tissue…


Then I matted my hair with copious amounts of dry shampoo, texture powder and a lot of back combing, finished my face paint…


Added some white zombie contacts…


And then started to bite everyone…