Coffee and Softplay

Wednesdays here are quite good fun for me as I generally get a bit of a ‘me’ day and this one was no exception.

Both children are dropped off at nursery then I usually go to the community centre for a bit of child free time with some friends, tea on tap, biscuits and normally as I’m not running around dealing with my two I get to do a spot of crocheting. Today was slightly different as the community centre is still being worked on so it was back on the mini bus and off to camp.

The local camp isn’t normal by my standards, over the last decade I’ve grown used to uniformed guards and having to flash a pass to get on but this one holds some sneaky beaky stuff so not only are there armed guards but a selection of armed Police, a number of gates and lots of barbed wire. You’d certainly be safe from a zombie attack here! One of my favourite things about the camp is tucked just behind the guard station, I’ve never fancied asking anyone if I could take a picture so I managed to get a drive by one from the minibus window today – A red telephone box!

How random! I’d love to know the history behind this and if it’s ever used.

Coffee morning was utterly lovely, we were on large comfy sofas in the Officer’s Mess with tea served to us, lots of crocheting and some good chat. Next week is going to be very different as it’s half term here so there will be a lot of noisy children, I don’t really think they know what they’ve let themselves in for.

After being chauffeured back to town I collected the children and we came home for a yummy carpet picnic lunch then went to the local soft play for the afternoon. There are no time limits on it so you pay your money and can stay as long as you like. The food, as is normal with these places, is pretty extortionate but it’s big, clean and my children adore it. They’ve just got to the age where they can run around it without me (bliss!) so I met up with a few more friends and 5 of them ran off together to have fun so I got some more chat, a nice coffee and a spot of crocheting with just the odd break to go weeeee down a slide or help them over an obstacle.

Any guesses as to what the crocheting is going to be?

It’s become tradition that when we go to any soft play that cake makes an appearance. Not for me of course as I’ve never found one serving gluten free cake but definitely for the children. They are most insistent! Today they opted for a large cooking to share and it lasted seconds.

And just because I can and I adore this picture, lots of giggles and spinning.

I’m due to go for my 20 week scan tomorrow (excited much!) and the hospital is near to my parents so I travelled to theirs after our fun and that’s where we’re staying the night. My niece and nephew were already here and the two girls bullied me into make some bed spreads for their dolls. They didn’t take long and I didn’t really mind so I scouted around my Mums for some scraps and turned this…

With a helper, into these…

They aren’t brilliant at all as my eager helpers were rushing me a lot and demanded they were finished right now. I’ve been informed I’ve got to make a few more so if any one does want a step by step tutorial I’d be more than happy.

Last but not least, I’ve had a sneak peak of one of the photographs of a prop I made for the lovely Helen Jane Photography. I can’t wait to see the rest!

What a lovely baby model we had too!