The ‘where is Spring?’ daisy chain.

Today was apparently the first day of Spring and the Equinox brings with it 6 months of days that are longer than the nights. A tentative yippee you might think… Not here in my corner of blustery North Yorkshire.

This morning I woke to a bitterly cold day, the type where just strapping the children into their seats leaves your fingers numb. The sea looked quite univiting this morning on the school run but even when it looks grey, cold and dangerous I still think it can be breathtaking. I never get tired of seeing this.

I normally drop both children at nursery on a Wednesday but The Boy decided he didn’t want to stay, he’s been quite clingy lately so after persuasion didn’t help he came home with me. Usually, I go to coffee morning at the local community centre but its having work done to it so we clambered into a mini bus and were driven to camp and the journey took me by surprise, it’s in the middle of the Moors and about 20 minutes from my town, we left a cold grey seaside and entered a winter wonderland.

drive by shots from the minibus window

After a spot of crocheting, some tea and copious amounts of biscuits eaten by my boy we got on the minibus for home and within ten minutes were back to green fields.

What *is* going on this March?

The bad weather and lack of oompf for going outside was the idea behind my latest project – an eternal daisy chain. There are lots of patterns out there for this but it’s basically a small flower and a stem with a hole in it so they can be threaded together to make a bracelet, necklace or whatever your imagination decides.

I used Lucy’s teeny tiny flowers over at Attic 24, added some embroidery in orange as my yellow looked too wishy washy with it and then sewed on the stem. The stems are various lengths as I wanted it to be as true to life as I could so I changed hook size a couple of times for the flowers and the stems were made of chains that were 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 chains in length, turned and then slip stitched up part way, 3 chain, miss 3 stitches and then continue slip stitching to the end.

They’ve been really hard to photograph as the light here in the evenings is so bad and if my daughter sees them during the day I immediately have them confiscated so she can play. They’ve been loved by everyone that sees them, adults and children alike which makes me very happy. I’m hoping to do a few charity craft fairs and I think I might include small packs of these. What do you think?