Early Birthday Gift

I am incredibly lucky but also incredibly unlucky at the same time.  I have a bunch of wonderful friends that I absolutely adore and see as extended family but due to the RAF we’ve all been posted to different corners of the UK (and the World) so I rarely get to see them.

Due to a few issues I’m working through at the moment one of these fantastic friends sent me a little cheer up/early Birthday present.  I’m not ashamed to admit she made me blub a bit.
How amazing!  Along with Bees I do have a thing for Matryoshka dolls and she’s so talented that she sewed this for me, it will make me think of her every time I use it. 
The crochet hook is in my favourite size (3.5) and is made with fimo I think. It took me an evening to get used to as the weight is different but now it’s an absolute gem, it also warms in the hand as you use it which makes it so much better than a plain hook.  
Just one lonely hook in there at the moment, I’m tempted to buy a full set of these hooks and might leave this case to put my special ones in. It’ll take time as they’re handmade and do cost a lot of dollar when compared to the cost of a standard hook but they’re worth it. Using this hook makes me smile and I feel quite honoured that she’s done such a special thing for me.
Now for the bit that made me blub, she sent a card explaining the pattern.  Butterflies hold a very special meaning to my family so it’s covered in butterflies because they mean something to me, a heart because I’m loved, a flower because I adore them and a star because I am one.  Like I said, I’m so lucky that I’ve got such wonderful friends but it makes me so sad that we’re all hours away from each other so I just had to be content with thanking her minus a massive hug.