52 weeks of Happy 1/52 or 16/52

I’ve been seeing a lot about this on various blogs that I read such as Little Tin Bird and Bunny Mummy to name but two, quite frankly if I named any more I’d be here for an hour cutting and pasting links!
The idea behind it seemed to be to find a few things every single week that make you happy. Such a simple concept but really something everyone should do, find those little things in life that lift your spirits and make you happy no matter what.  I think it might be something good for me to look over and read my posts when life gets stressful and I’m wondering where the light is at the end of the tunnel – I can remind myself just how lovely life can be sometimes.
Despite seeing it on so many blogs I’d struggled to find the source of this idea so I’ve spent a little while googling and here it is – Little Birdie is the clever lady that came up with the concept so if you like it, have joined in or are thinking about joining in then do pop over to her blog and say hi.
So even though this is my first week it’s the 16th of the year and I know I’ll get a tic if I try and start at week one 4 months into the year so I just have to cheat.
1. Having a sunny trip in the car and actually being able to have the windows down, the three of us wearing sunglasses and singing along to the very chirpy Mr Blue Sky by ELO 
(photo courtesy of http://www.contactmusic.com)
2. Every night before Roux goes to sleep he likes to cuddle up to Peanut and shower my bump in kisses and squeezes whilst nattering away (generally saying he loves it) and often the odd song. It’s very special and is a great way to end our day together.
3. The Sea. I grew up in a seaside town and have pretty much spent all my time living near the sea apart from a little stint of a couple of years. Even then, at least once a month I had to drive to the seaside and would hang out of the car window sniffing the air.  No matter how stormy the weather is seeing the sea always brightens my day. It also normally makes my children break into song, either oh we do like to be beside the seaside or Peppa Pig’s I woke up one morning.
4. As much as I love my children, these lighter nights make me happy as it means when I put them to bed there is still enough light to sit at the window in sunlight and have a bit of time crafting.  Some of this is going to become a needle case eventually.
So that’s it for this week, it’s been nice looking back and finding a number of things that brought a smile to my face, I think taking part in this weekly challenge will be a lot of fun.