Handmade Monday

I’ve been taking part in Handmade Monday for the last few weeks and it’s been lots of fun looking at the various blogs taking part and seeing all the goodies they make.

This week, I’ve mainly been making things for a friend who is hosting a charity coffee morning in aid of the WRVS.  After reading the Handmade Harbour Blog this week and spotting the lovely Fabric and Pebble Hearts I decided it was time to stop looking at lovely sketchy/doodle stitched items on Pinterest and give them a go myself.

To start me off I had a go at a few hearts but then I drew out some flowers and butterflies and was quite impressed with my results.

A collection of them, some as you can see are still to be finished.
I need to make some monsters and I fancy having a go at a stuffed sketchy bird too but I need to get all these in the post on Tuesday so I have run out of time.  Ah well!  Another project for another day.
Roux adores crafting and he’s sewn from just turned 3 years old.  Today he decided to move on from a needle and thread to the sewing machine and insisted on helping to make a heart.  He’s only just turned 4 but I controlled the pedal and he happily fed the heart through keeping the line as straight as he could.  Unfortunately, I think this means I won’t be allowed to sew without him from now on so I’ve gone back to only machine sewing on an evening I think

 I’ve also been sorting out a new (very cheap) purchase that I made today.  Below is a car boot tidy craft bag courtesy of the lovely Percy’s Scrapstore.  If you’ve never been to a scrap store or even heard of one and you like crafting you need to change this fast and google for your closest one.  Percy’s is an absolute treasure trove of crafting goodies and is run by a bunch of fabulous volunteers that work hard to rescue unwanted items from local businesses that could be reused and recycled.

Take these carboot tidies craft bags as an example.  From the logo on them I’d think that they were possibly giveaway items made by the insurer or perhaps gifts for loyal customers etc.  For whatever reason they had a surplus and without Percy’s I’m sure they would have been destined for landfill but now I hope a bunch of them will be re-purposed.  They’re so spacious and with a zipped top on one half I knew exactly what mine would become…

Ta-dah!  A fabric bag!  I’ve put all of my scraps of fabric and felt in the section that can be zipped up and my embellishments in the other half.  Well, this is all I can find right now.  I’ve got bits all over the house but now I’ve got a place to collect them all to I can attempt to keep my stash tidy.  It’s absolutely perfect and will hopefully be the first step in organising my crafting.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to over this last week, Hello Handmade Monday.