A Squirrely sort of a day

Not much crafting took place at Casa Kitsch Stitch today as it’s been really hectic.  My sisters children have unfortunately been ill (not that you would know!) and weren’t allowed to go to school this week, after a long and boring week for them the sun finally came out and I arrived at my parents with Roux and Hurricane so there were lots of fun playtimes from them this morning.  
Mum has been sorting the lofts and let the children up this morning to have a mooch about and find all of mine and my siblings toys – some dating back to the late 60s!  After that, we had a spot of lunch and realised that the four of them were quickly becoming bored.  The cousins were absolutely mended and will be returning to school on Monday so we thought we’d be quite naughty and take them to a massive park nearby.  It houses a museum for a local hero, a lake, woodland, animals to feed and has just had an upgrade giving a brilliant play park.  
We started with a spot of football and frizbees then took a walk, it was such a sunny day with just a slight sharp wind but once you were walking you didn’t feel it.  
The sunlight was breaking through the trees and there were daffodils scattered everywhere along with buds on nearly every bush and even some flowers breaking through
As I know my little family well I made sure that I had a couple of bags of these…
So we could feed these..

Which resulted in 4 very happy children, they all managed to be lovely and quiet and had fantastic fun spotting squirrels.  I find this fun but a bit difficult as in my last job before children I worked for a large country Estate that was in a red squirrel conservation area so we demonized the greys to quite an extent meaning that standing here merrily feeding them makes me feel a bit odd.  
On the way, we collected twigs, leaves, daisies and Hurricane decided this branch with leaves was absolutely critical to her enjoyment of the day.  It went everywhere with her and when we stopped to play in the park I had to care for it and for the ice cream break it was handed to her Nanny for safe keeping.  
Unfortunately, when we went to say hello to the goats one of them took an interest in Mr Bush and tried to eat it.  Hurricane gave him a severe telling off screeching “No Billy Goat Gruff, it’s mine!”  We were all in fits of laughter as she was so indignant.  After that it was kept firmly at her side or behind her back while the goats were fed bits of cabbage and she kept an eye on them all.
After that, we had a quick stop at the museum and did some posing around the anchor and totem
Then back to the car (not an easy task), an attempt to convince Hurricane that Mr Bush did not need to return home with us and would be better off left with his ‘friends’ hidden for when she came next time.  Roux asked if we could go to a restaurant aka pub to eat.  He’s quite the boy that likes dining out, sometimes I worry if this is because my cooking is so bad but he’s just a fan of choosing from a menu and being served, also, eating out generally means he gets dessert.  They both went to bed incredibly happy and exhausted this evening.  Days like this mean not much crafting gets done as quite frankly, I’m exhausted too but it was worth it.  A friend is doing a fundraiser soon so I need to spend the weekend making monsters, hats and anything else I get time to do to donate to the stall.