A very special Kitsch Stitch make

Hopefully you’ll forgive the shortness of this blog post as my Handmade Monday project required quite a lot of work.

Peanut made his grand appearance at 41+1, on Thursday morning an hour after the midwife appeared. He was born in my childhood bedroom at my parents home and the labour was perfect. Just over an hour of contractions, no pain relief and totally relaxed. The midwives said it was a privilege to have been a part of it.

I’m absolutely smitten with him as are his big brother and sister. He’s an eager beaver when it comes to feeding so for now, I have to concentrate on him and my other projects will have to be sidelined. 
When you’ve got this wee face to gaze at though it’s hardly a sacrifice. 
Just because I can look at his two siblings, so in love with their new baby brother. 


Softplay and crochet lessons

Well I’d hoped that this Handmade Monday I’d be introducing you to a handmade baby but at 40+4, Peanut is still incredibly comfy and showing no sign of making an appearance.  Despite contractions that have been happening on and off since Tuesday it seems that I’ll be pregnant for a few more days at least.  Never mind, I won’t be pregnant forever and I’ll miss my bump once it’s gone.

So, in an effort to keep both myself and the children occupied I’ve been filling our days with all sorts of activities, one of those that I enjoy as I get to sit down and drink decaffeinated lattes and crochet is a lovely softplay.

Earlier in the week I’d gone through a few stitches with her and we’d tried the Lionbrand Gecko that I tend to use as a teaching tool so now we went to softplay armed with a magazine she’d bought, a hook and some yarn and she picked it up so quickly I was incredibly proud.  I can’t really explain the feeling I get when I teach people how to crochet or do other crafts, I’m proud of myself for being able to pass this skill on and so happy when the person finally clicks.  I suppose I get a bit of a big head really but crochet and crafting is such a big part of my life and gives me so much pleasure that knowing I’ve passed that onto someone else is a wonderful feeling.

Anyway, it didn’t take long for her to click with the pattern and after we’d done the first square together.  The pattern is from this weeks months Simply Crochet which has some adorable patterns in it this month, it’s the first time I’ve bought it but I’m definitely going to look at it again next month.

She’d purchased some lovely pink chunky yarn and fancied making this Sherbet Dip blanket by Nikki Trench who is a favourite designer of mine.  It’s a really simple pattern that’s incredibly similar to a granny square so it didn’t take long for us to both finish our first squares.  

Although at first, it was a bit problematic as it’s the first proper pattern she’s followed so she needed a snazzy chart to help her count the stitches.  As you can see, drawing charts isn’t my forte.

Mine and hers.  There is a little difference in size but her tension is very good. This was the only square I did, the rest is all her own work.

She tagged me in this picture on facebook yesterday to show her progress and I’m amazed.  She’s absolutely addicted and I can’t believe how many she’s made in such a short space of time.  Would you believe this blanket is for Lily, her spaniel pup!  All of this effort and she’s giving the blanket to a dog.  I’ve also introduced her to Ravelry and the amount of patterns she’s liked means that she’s now going to be busy every night for the next 20 years!

As a ‘well done’ gift I bought her some wool needles (I’ve always called them bodkins, does anyone else?) and some wool pins.  I’d mentioned that she’d need probably need some and she looked at me blankly so I thought I’d get her the ones that I tend to use by Pony. 
Earlier this week, she’d seen a Minion Hat I’d been making and said how much she loved the colour combination of bright yellow and blue, I couldn’t give her the needles and pins (Oh, there goes an earworm!) without something to store them in so I whipped up a quick needle case.  
I had some scraps of this fabric and I thought it contrast well with some bright blue cotton.

 I replicated the flower and swirl as best I could, added some bobble edging and a felt inner et voila!  It was so easy I almost feel silly writing a pattern for it but I need to practice putting patterns on Ravelry so I think I might have a go with this one.  It certainly would have been a good starter project for Laura to have a go on as it’s just rows and rows of double crochet then a circle.  If the baby doesn’t make an arrival I’ll definitely write up the pattern and put it here and on Ravelry.  
At the moment I’m finishing up an evil minion hat then I hope to have patterns and photo tutorials for that too.
If you’re popping over here from Handmade Monday do say hello.

Sibling Bags

We’ve had a really hectic week since my last blog post, I’ve had my birthing box delivered so I’ve got to get some towels and a shower curtain ready for the homebirth.  It made me realise that I’m 36 weeks (37 tomorrow!) and that this baby could be fairly imminent and I have absolutely NOTHING ready.  
All the nappies have been washed and clothes sorted into bags of newborn, 0-3 etc but none of it has been put together in a nice easy kit to get me over the first few days and I don’t have a hospital bag packed just in case I need to transfer and all of that jazz so I’m starting Op BabyPrep and planning to be ready by the end of this week.  
Before that though, I had a party to plan, my wonderful Dad turned 70 this Saturday and it’s tradition that we get a bouncy castle for him.  In years gone by he’s always been the first one on it and the last one off but unfortunately his illness has put paid to that now.  Instead we had all my siblings and their children and put on an easy buffet.  The weather was much cooler so it was a lovely day and we had 7 very happy children that somehow managed to go until midnight!
Plus it’s now the Summer holidays so I’ve had my two plus my niece and nephew to entertain but that is for another blog post.
So, as part of Op Babyprep I started on the Big Sibling kits for Roux and Hurricane and another one for Peanut.  My two are aware of the bag for the baby and thankfully can’t read so don’t know whether it says Little Brother or Little Sister but have had great fun choosing outfits and a toy each for it.
I got the idea to do something like this some time ago as I wanted to give the children presents when the baby arrived and was pootling about in my brain trying to decide what exactly I should do when I thought of using paper bags I already have left over from party bags so I typed Big Brother in Pinterest and saw some interesting results.  
So, I decided to go for a tote bag, the idea being that I can fill it with cheap toys (Poundshop, The Works, Yorkshire Trading Co etc) that will include a colouring book, a toy that they’ll like (Trash Pack for Roux, Polly Pocket for Hurricane), a photo frame each so they can have a picture of them and the new baby in their room, a t shirt, card and possibly a disposable camera for Roux.  The plan is that I’m going to buy extra tat that I can keep in reserve so when the baby hits a feeding frenzy for a few days the bags can reappear with a new present in to keep them occupied whilst I’m doing nothing other than feed feed feed drink tea feed feed feed.  
Hobbycraft provided me with some cheap fabric paints and the tote bags and I got doodling.  
Then I measured how big I needed the image, thankfully it was the size of A4 paper so I doodled about on a pad until I had the designs I wanted (I’ll update this after the baby is born to show their bag)

Note the error!  I’m so used to Hurricane being a ‘little’ sister that I automatically did her design saying that, thankfully I realised just before I started painting as I’d already done the babies meaning I’d have ended up with two ‘littles’ one of which might have been wrong.  
I then tried the old fashioned method of tracing, then marking the reverse with carbon and then trying to press it onto the bag and it didn’t work.  Pregnancy must be getting to me as I thought it was a fail and was preparing to go freehand when all of a sudden it hit me that I could slide the pad into the bag.  
What a doofus!
I then traced through the bag so I could dispense with the pad and make sure that the writing was exactly where I wanted it.  

Slide a bit of cardboard in the bag so the paint doesn’t seep through to the reverse side then let then painting commence.  This is pretty easy to work with but I would recommend a few coats.

It looked a tad plain when finished, I don’t do plain…
Take some Modge Podge (wonderful stuff) and some buttons…
Et voila.

As I had the fabric paints out (and had treated myself to some dylon fabric pens too) I decided to go for t shirts too.  Due to school uniform being all over the shops it was really easy to get a pack of two plain cotton t shirts for just £2.  Roux and Hurricane are different sizes but just for this occasion I’m sure that Roux can squeeze into a smaller t shirt (penny pinching Mother) and I already had some plain white vests for the baby.

I wanted to keep the designs very similar so using the scientific method of folding paper until it was the right size I then doodled the same image slightly smaller.  
I think I rate the paint over the pens as although it took longer with the paints you get a much crisper effect.  The pens bled more than I’d have liked on the cotton of the t shirt and I couldn’t get a nice clean edge.  Also, it was harder to do the dots, spots and stripes.  I’ll keep the pens for quick jobs or just to put names in clothes and continue with the paints.  

It was wonderful sitting in the garden this afternoon finishing these off, thankfully the children still can’t read so didn’t have a clue what I was doing (and the older cousins are sworn to secrecy).  While I was playing with these sat on the warm grass the 4 children were painting their own bags as homework totes for when they return to school.  Tomorrow the plan is to add monsters, flowers and butterflies out of felt to them.
I’m linking up to Handmade Harbour again this Monday and can’t wait to see the lovely things on offer there.

We are Family…

Sorry for my long absence from this blog, I’ve been trying to move house and unfortunately, no been in the best of health but I’m here again as despite the lack of Internet (I’m stealing my parents wireless as I type) here’s hoping I’m going to get back into the swing of things. Although, I can’t promise as Peanut will be making an appearance very soon and we all know how life vanishes with a newborn. 

Anyway, the purpose of this blog post is to showcase some photos I’ve been working on for Honeypot House which will become the new Kitsch Stitch HQ.  This is MY first home, as in a home that I’ve never shared with my parents or partner, it’s just me and my beautiful children. Everything that I seem to be choosing for it is BRIGHT which I think is reflecting the new me. Also, I want to surround myself with my family, my beautiful children and my fresh start.

So, with that in mind I whipped up a series of photographs of Roux and Hurricane holding up letters. It’s simple really, take pieces of A5 sized card, doodle some letters on (or print them off) and then get the children to have fun posing holding them. I’m still without my DSLR so these were taken with an iPhone and changed to black and white with Instagram. It was so simple and took an hour to do. 

My absolute favourite one is this one. It took one shot but shows how close my pair are.
As the colours were so bright and the backgrounds varied I opted for black and white to try and mute it a bit and make the letters stand out. 

Trying to find a frame with 6 apertures in a straight line is like finding gold dust and when I did find a couple they were far to expensive for my teeny budget. I contemplated buying a large frame and fashioning my own mount but again, mount board costs a lot of dollar. In the end, Ikea came to the rescue. I purchased 6 small squareish frames and using glue dots and Sellotape fashioned a frame. It now hangs near the front door so I see it whenever I come and go. In a few weeks when Peanut makes his/her arrival I’ll update it.

My sister has asked for one that says “home” featuring her children and I can see me taking a few commissions! Next time, I’m contemplating using blank A5 card so I can put the letter (or message) in digitally afterwards but then I lose the fun of doodling.

I’m hooking up with Handmade Monday and I can’t wait to see what delights
the other bloggers have in store.

Organising my home, organising my mind #1

I still haven’t found a new home for family Kitsch Stitch but it hasn’t stopped me making a start on the new little things that will make a big difference to organising my life.  

I’m trying to concentrate on storage (I need lots for the ever increasing crafting things and childrens toys) and keeping my organised as I’m guessing as a single Mother to 2 children and a newborn I’m going to need lots and lots of memory joggers.
One of the things I’ve had on my mind recently is something I’d seen on Pinterest, not as a blog just as a linked image so I can’t trace back the original creator.
I took an 8 aperture frame from The Range that was just under £10, a selection of patterned papers and cut them to the size of the individual frames.  After that I played about with a few different styles of writing and at the top of each sheet I wrote the days of the week on each piece of paper like this and went over it with a thicker marker pen.

Here they are all done (except Thursday, I noticed my mistake after I’d taken the photograph and the sun had gone).  Then I arranged them in the frame…

Et voila! It’s done, well, it’s almost done.  I haven’t finished the 8th aperture as I can’t decide if I should have an inspirational family quote, a family picture or if I should use the same paper to make a family tree with our names as the leaves.
I love the fact that you can use a white board marker on the glass and have an easy week to view by the front door and make it the last thing you look at as you leave the house.  Peanut is due a couple of weeks before school starts so hopefully, this way, homework and PE kits along with midwife visits and all of that palaver will be easily seen.  Also, Roux is becoming increasingly interested in what is happening on a day to day basis so this will be a way of showing him how our week is panning out and might stop the constant questions!  What do you think? What should the empty frame contain?
I’m linking up to Handmade Monday for the first time in a while so if you’ve come from there please do let me know x 

A Right Royal Third Birthday Party

Gosh, I’ve not blogged in an age, I’ve been so busy planning Hurricane’s party, viewing houses and preparing for a mini holiday I’ve just had no time at all.  
A couple of months ago I asked Hurricane what theme she wanted for her party and unsurprisingly, she chose Princesses.  At that time, Roux was going through a bit of a “pink is for girls” stage so I suggested we did Princesses and Pirates just to save a tantrum.  He’s since decided that pink is for everyone (after cajoling from me) and that he quite likes Princesses so I didn’t need to have bothered.   
So, planning commenced and I started pricing up various things such as plates and decorations etc when I was shopping in a supermarket with Roux and he spotted a Knights costume, now, one thing about my boy is that he doesn’t do fancy dress he has loads of costumes but prefers to pretend he’s wearing one and won’t actually put it on.  So he asked for this costume and obviously I said no due to the lack of costume wearing that generally goes on with him but he insisted, a 4 year olds logic is a wonderful thing to behold and he tried and tried before he finally found what he needed to get what he wanted – “But Mummy, Hurricane is having a Princess Party and Knights go with Princesses so I could be her Prince Knight”
Suddenly a Knight costume was in the trolley with me over the moon that he’d actually wear some fancy dress again and I started mentally replanning the party to include a Knight element.  On the day of the party he refused to wear it and decided instead on Ben10 *bangs head on floor*, still at least he’s over his fancy dress aversion.
As with the Roux’s TMNT Party I turned to Hurricane’s talented Godmother to whip up a few posters and the invite and I think she did a brilliant job.
The swirly font is a free one from dafont and called Shooting Stars.
So the invites went out and a venue was found, a local community centre that was large enough but not too big with plenty of space for children to run around and more importantly, space where the fantastic Northumbrian Nannies could set up their soft play.  Unfortunately, the people that run the community centre I’d booked do not communicate with each other so when the day came, I turned up with Northumbrian Nannies to a locked venue and despite calling the owners no one turned up to rectify the situation.  Being that the party was being held on a Sunday morning I coudn’t find another venue so after waiting for almost an hour, 15 minutes before the guests were due to arrive we decided to host the party at my Mothers and quickly informed all of the guests.  I’d booked Northumbrian Nannies to provide indoor softplay so most of the equipment they’d packed in their Tardis of a van was not suitable for a domestic home or a garden.  They did save the day though as they’d packed a bouncy castle and organised a game with a parachute so the children were very entertained.
Next up was the cake, Hurricane enjoyed looking through pages and pages of cakes on the iPad until she decided on a purple Princess with long hair.
So it started with a copious amount of flour, butter and sugar

Added some colour and put it into a pudding basin

It certainly wasn’t my best work, the basin exploded during baking and by the time I actually got around to icing the cake it was getting towards midnight and I lost the will to live.  Hurricane loved it though and really that’s all that matters
For food, I opted to repeat the lunch bags that I’d previously made for Roux’s TMNT party.  Up until this year, I’d always provided a buffet but it can prove expensive and this party needed to be done on a budget.  I bought the bags, die cuts and food for just under £30 to make 16 bags and some nibbles for the adults which I think isn’t bad value at all.  
The bags, as before, came from an eBay seller Smiffihobo and once again were received within a couple of days of purchase and were excellent quality.  For ease, I ordered some diecuts from two eBay sellers, elsonbabe and Annabel1212.  Both were well made and arrived within 48 hours which was perfect and I think (even if I do say so myself) that they looked brilliant on the bags.  Using word, I made the banners with the names inside – the older children were quite excited at the prospect of their own lunch bag.  Each bag contained a sandwich, crisps, vegetable crudités, crisps, chocolate fingers and a cake that I’d topped with some personalised rice paper discs that were another eBay purchase from Tiggerjosh.  The artwork was so clear on them, I was quite impressed.
The party bags were again something I’d done for Roux’s Birthday and were cellophane bags (from this eBay seller) stuffed with sweets.  This time, instead of the VIP badges I provided a sparkly ring with some bracelets for the girls and a water pistol for the boys.  Roux had asked for a sword but they were all over a pound each and that would have made for expensive party bags.  Again, a special Godmother provided the artwork for the labels.  They are so easy to make and I would recommend this seller as again, they arrived within 48 hours and were the perfect size.

The decorations were to be some pink netting pinned to the wall behind the food and covered in fake flowers, twinkly lights and large tissue paper pom poms hung from the ceiling.  Due to the lack of time I actually had to decorate and the fact that my Mum wouldn’t appreciate me sticking pins in everywhere this was reduced to just some twinkly lights around the door and the tissue paper pom poms hung from the ceiling lights and in the conservatory.  They were destined for Hurricane’s bedroom afterwards but some very cheeky friends took them home with them instead!  I’ll just have to a make more when I finally move house.  
I’m amazed that on my holiday last week I came across a pack to make 3 of these that cost £18.99! It’s just tissue paper, wire and a bit of thread – how can anyone with a conscious sell a kit for this amount?  They looked so effective and I’d like to play around with different edges. 
So that’s food, cakes and decorations covered, the only thing left was games and entertainment.  
Fun, in the main, was provided by the highly talented Northumbrian Nannies who luckily had packed this Bouncy Castle that was a massive hit with the children.  After a little while they organised a game with the parachute for the older children so the toddlers and babies could have a go without being bounced all over the place by over exuberant Princesses and Knights.
Next up was the ubiquitous pass the parcel which always seems to be demanded/expected at every party, then a round of piñata, this one was just £3 from Asda – it would not be broken!  The children really enjoyed giving it a good attempt but it was perhaps not the best idea for me to hold it as my hands and bump got a few strikes. 
The game that was most popular was a reworked pin the tail on the donkey, this time in the form of pin the kiss onto the frog.  Hurricane is currently loving The Princess and the Frog so she was quite delighted by this and I’ve not been allowed to put it away yet.  
Despite all the issues – venue and cake – the party went really well and the children never noticed the stress that had been caused by the venue change.  Princess Hurricane was left happy, exhausted but still very excitable so I’ve got to say it was a success!  Perhaps going on holiday the next day (also my Birthday) wasn’t the best plan but that’s for the next blog post.
As with the other posts, I’ll leave you with a list of suppliers in case you’ve see any of the ideas here and want to use them for yourself. 
Northumbrian Nannies – I honestly can’t recommend this company enough, they were absolutely fantastic and the party wouldn’t have gone so well if it wasn’t for their input.  Not only did they entertain the children but while we were waiting outside the venue and my panic was starting to set in they kept me wonderfully calm.  If you are based in the North then please, please check them out.
Elsonbabe – Shield and Sword diecuts
Smiffihobo – Lunch bags
Polymailbags – Cellophane party bags
Tiggerjosh – Cupcake toppers
Annabel1212 – Carriage and horse diecuts

Handmade Monday

I’ve been taking part in Handmade Monday for the last few weeks and it’s been lots of fun looking at the various blogs taking part and seeing all the goodies they make.

This week, I’ve mainly been making things for a friend who is hosting a charity coffee morning in aid of the WRVS.  After reading the Handmade Harbour Blog this week and spotting the lovely Fabric and Pebble Hearts I decided it was time to stop looking at lovely sketchy/doodle stitched items on Pinterest and give them a go myself.

To start me off I had a go at a few hearts but then I drew out some flowers and butterflies and was quite impressed with my results.

A collection of them, some as you can see are still to be finished.
I need to make some monsters and I fancy having a go at a stuffed sketchy bird too but I need to get all these in the post on Tuesday so I have run out of time.  Ah well!  Another project for another day.
Roux adores crafting and he’s sewn from just turned 3 years old.  Today he decided to move on from a needle and thread to the sewing machine and insisted on helping to make a heart.  He’s only just turned 4 but I controlled the pedal and he happily fed the heart through keeping the line as straight as he could.  Unfortunately, I think this means I won’t be allowed to sew without him from now on so I’ve gone back to only machine sewing on an evening I think

 I’ve also been sorting out a new (very cheap) purchase that I made today.  Below is a car boot tidy craft bag courtesy of the lovely Percy’s Scrapstore.  If you’ve never been to a scrap store or even heard of one and you like crafting you need to change this fast and google for your closest one.  Percy’s is an absolute treasure trove of crafting goodies and is run by a bunch of fabulous volunteers that work hard to rescue unwanted items from local businesses that could be reused and recycled.

Take these carboot tidies craft bags as an example.  From the logo on them I’d think that they were possibly giveaway items made by the insurer or perhaps gifts for loyal customers etc.  For whatever reason they had a surplus and without Percy’s I’m sure they would have been destined for landfill but now I hope a bunch of them will be re-purposed.  They’re so spacious and with a zipped top on one half I knew exactly what mine would become…

Ta-dah!  A fabric bag!  I’ve put all of my scraps of fabric and felt in the section that can be zipped up and my embellishments in the other half.  Well, this is all I can find right now.  I’ve got bits all over the house but now I’ve got a place to collect them all to I can attempt to keep my stash tidy.  It’s absolutely perfect and will hopefully be the first step in organising my crafting.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to over this last week, Hello Handmade Monday.

Victory Roll Goodness

Another weekend, another Vintage feel to my spare time.  Since my children were born I’ve had very limited free time but due to circumstances, I’m currently having every weekend ‘off’.  it’s taking some getting used to and I’m coping by immersing myself in a world that I’ve always loved but seen from afar.  Today was my first trip in full costume so to speak.  I bought a lovely black and leopard print dress from Rockabilly Rosie last weekend  that I took up so it was knee length, heels of course, a faux fur wrap, vintage handbag and I attempted a vintage hairstyle but was being harassed by small children so failed miserably, thankfully, the organisers of Little Red Wagon had thought of everything and had the very talented Little Gem providing vintage hair styles for just £5!

The fair was at a lovely garden centre in Peterlee that provided good food, a nice gift shop and the undercover nursery was jampacked with lovely stalls and then the icing on the cake was a live band.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space to practice some of my new moves but it certainly got my foot tapping.

Why did I not buy this Pirate sign?  Roux has a Pirate theme to his bedroom and he’d have loved this for our new house.  I think I’ll have to pay a visit to Pin Up Clothes to rectify it. 

There was so much I never got to photograph as there were lots of eager shoppers that kept getting in the way.  I’d urge you to all go and check out
Time Traveller Vintage Boutique
I was so impressed with my hair that I wanted to show everyone.  I had a few random people ask to take my photograph and I felt like a million dollars.  

 I was so taken with it that I decided to use an old trick and see if I could save it for another day.  For the first time in my life I purchased a hair net and borrowed one of my Mums old silk headscarves and wrapped up my hair before bed.  I had my Mum in hysterics, she’s one of 5 girls (she’s the youngest) and the sight of me with my hair like that took her back to her childhood watching her teenage sisters preening before bed.  It was worth it though, it only worked!  I saved my hair for Sunday.  I need to practice, practice, practice so I can do this too.  Tomorrow, my 70+ Aunt is coming over with her foam rollers and setting lotion to have a go at making my hair take an early 50s curl.
At the moment, I have no upcoming Vintage fun and I feel slightly bereft.  I need to look for some more rockabilly blogs I think.  I’d love to hear suggestions. 

Rockabilly Rolics and Handmade Fun

Yesterday was spent with the wonderful ladies at Rockabilly Rosie, they are a duo based in the North East that run fabulous Rockabilly workshops teaching hair, make up, dancing and lots of fashion and shopping trips with copious quantities of tea, cake and fun thrown in for good measure.  I’ve been to two so far and honestly, I’d go to as many more as they put on.  The atmosphere is fantastic as both ladies are a lot of fun and you leave feeling like not only have you gained them as friends but you’ve also got all the other people that attended too.  
The workshops are sort of led by the people that attend so if you want to focus on a particular hair style or gain more make up tips then that’s what we’ll do.  Emma aka Sugar Doll always has time to show whatever you want and while the others are having a spot of tea she’ll give you a bit of one to one tuition.  My only complaint is how quickly the time goes, I really could spend all day there.  
All set up and ready to go

Our essentials pack – bandana, cocktail umbrella, band and kirby grips, CD, lip liner, red lipstick and eyeliner

Victory rolls!  My hair was still a little too soft from where I’d had it dyed the day before so these weren’t easy to put in

Emma aka Sugar Doll showing us how it should be done

Rockabilly Rosie also have a shop selling clothing and vintage homewares.  I may have come home with a black and leopard print dress.  I can’t show it at the moment as due to my shortness I need to do a little alteration to the length this week.  I need to get it done and continue practicing my victory rolls so I can showcase myself at The Little Red Wagon Vintage Market next weekend at Peterlee in Plants ‘R’ Ross.  Rockabilly Rosie will be there so if you do go, make sure you pop over to their stall and say hello and sign up to their next workshop – if you don’t, you’re missing out.  
After the workshop I was planning on coming home and spending the afternoon and evening sewing and crocheting but Roux demanded I took him to a car boot sale as it’s his favourite thing.  After spending an hour jiving, walking around the car boot sale and carrying home our toys I was absolutely shattered so didn’t get anything done.  A friend of mine is hosting a fundraiser for WRVS and I said I’d send her some bits to sell, the plan being I’d make a lot tonight but it didn’t happen due to Peanut making me feel so exhausted.  The plan was that I could link up some of my goodies that I made to Handmade Monday  so I feel like I’m cheating as the only thing I ‘made’ today was some Lego!  I’ll have to make up for it this week.