A Tree for Easter

I’ve wanted an Easter tree for years, well, not an Easter tree per se more just some pretty twigs that I could hang generic stuff from throughout the year. I do have a collection of those decorative twigs in a vase that light up but they’re useless for anything but looking at. In fact, the lights don’t actually work on them any more so I think they’ll be going to the great big skip in the sky when I move. Anyway, I digress, this would be the year when I’d actually get myself a tree. I wanted to make one from driftwood but unfortunately it’s been far too windy and cold in my part of North Yorkshire and the idea of going to the beach with my two small ones filled me with dread so that didn’t happen.

Instead, I stole a couple of cuttings from a bush in my parents garden, a sample pot of white emulsion, a plant pot and some pebbles then threw in some creativity from my children and a niece and nephew and I have a lovely tree.

I’ll apologise in advance for the photographs, at the moment I’ve only got my phone to take shots on and my parents house seems to take on a yellow hue.

Twigs drying out, waiting to be painted.

A selection of lovely sparkly things and 4 willing children ready to be let loose on them all

As the eggs were polysterene I put cocktail sticks into the bottom with the idea that it would stop them getting felt tip pen on their hands. It failed. However, I got a lovely bowl of pretty eggs ready to have ribbon glued to them.

Not all the eggs were decorated with pretty colours as the two boys helpfully decided to make a few footballs rather than Easter eggs.

I secured the twigs in the pot with playdough then stuffed as many pebbles around it that I could, added some ribbon and a lovely flower and leaves from Attic 24

Then it was ready for decorating!

A few helpers…

The addition of a little bunny rabbit who looks slightly evil I think.

The children love him and that’s all that counts. He has a pom pom tail and it needed to be really small so I used a tip I saw on Pinterest for the first time of using a fork. It worked a treat.

Et voila, it’s finished.

I love it although it’s located at my Mum’s at the moment. I did buy a few little bits to go on but they were mainly chosen by my eldest so they fall into the tacky rather than beautiful category. It doesn’t worry me though, it’s their tree as much as it is mine. I am very tempted to move everything around a bit.