Victory Roll Goodness

Another weekend, another Vintage feel to my spare time.  Since my children were born I’ve had very limited free time but due to circumstances, I’m currently having every weekend ‘off’.  it’s taking some getting used to and I’m coping by immersing myself in a world that I’ve always loved but seen from afar.  Today was my first trip in full costume so to speak.  I bought a lovely black and leopard print dress from Rockabilly Rosie last weekend  that I took up so it was knee length, heels of course, a faux fur wrap, vintage handbag and I attempted a vintage hairstyle but was being harassed by small children so failed miserably, thankfully, the organisers of Little Red Wagon had thought of everything and had the very talented Little Gem providing vintage hair styles for just £5!

The fair was at a lovely garden centre in Peterlee that provided good food, a nice gift shop and the undercover nursery was jampacked with lovely stalls and then the icing on the cake was a live band.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space to practice some of my new moves but it certainly got my foot tapping.

Why did I not buy this Pirate sign?  Roux has a Pirate theme to his bedroom and he’d have loved this for our new house.  I think I’ll have to pay a visit to Pin Up Clothes to rectify it. 

There was so much I never got to photograph as there were lots of eager shoppers that kept getting in the way.  I’d urge you to all go and check out
Time Traveller Vintage Boutique
I was so impressed with my hair that I wanted to show everyone.  I had a few random people ask to take my photograph and I felt like a million dollars.  

 I was so taken with it that I decided to use an old trick and see if I could save it for another day.  For the first time in my life I purchased a hair net and borrowed one of my Mums old silk headscarves and wrapped up my hair before bed.  I had my Mum in hysterics, she’s one of 5 girls (she’s the youngest) and the sight of me with my hair like that took her back to her childhood watching her teenage sisters preening before bed.  It was worth it though, it only worked!  I saved my hair for Sunday.  I need to practice, practice, practice so I can do this too.  Tomorrow, my 70+ Aunt is coming over with her foam rollers and setting lotion to have a go at making my hair take an early 50s curl.
At the moment, I have no upcoming Vintage fun and I feel slightly bereft.  I need to look for some more rockabilly blogs I think.  I’d love to hear suggestions.